Who am I?

I’m sure you’re thinking, if I don’t know, then you’re certainly not equipped to tell me.  But if I’d put ‘who are you?’, that could be misinterpreted to mean, ‘who are you, the visitor?’  I know it’s conventional to put ‘About’, but I’m not conventional.

I’m just a hobbit-lover who happened to accumulate a few very, very nice pieces of pewter without ever using them or even displaying them much.  (Most of the pieces I’m selling are ex-shop stock, and have not been out of their boxes, except to check that they are all in pristine condition and are what they say they are on the tin.)

I’m honest and I care that you get what you want.  You can be very safe in the knowledge that my aim is to supply you with a beautiful piece in the best condition possible.  And we’ll do everything through PayPal, because PayPal are great arbiters should anything be less than expected.

I’m looking forward to your supreme excitement at owning one of these extraordinary and unique, high quality pewter pieces.

J H Brightwood latterly of Norfolk (then in Derbyshire, now in Spain)

J H Brightwood