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One of the questions that occupies humans, many lifetimes over, is “What happens next?”

Usually, the answer is pretty much, “More of the same,” but there does come a point, after eons of physical lifespan experiences, where a being is ready to transcend to the next level into the less physical, or even all the way into the non-physical.  The Path is not the same for all strands of consciousness, it depends where they are in the Weave.

For us ~ we who relay these stories through the human instrument, this writer, onto this page before you, our reader ~ “what happens next?” has recently resolved into some clarity, for the next cycle of epochs, at least. We are reliably shown that this is a particularly scintillating time-cluster to Apprentice with a primary focus on Earth-Gaia, as the whole planetary system - indeed, this whole solar system - is undertaking an ascension event.

After ruminations and little taster experiences with many different styles of ascended beings, we have opted to Apprentice with a very particular Angel and are deeply honoured that she has accepted us. Pamellamara Priamanthamallah is a lively, upbeat, adventuress of an archangel-in-training specialising in Future Seeding with Dragons. There is a lot of latitude in this area of the Weave. So many of our closely related consciousness strands are applauding long and loud and pouring waves of appreciation our way for this choice. There is so much richness to explore here, with high creativity potentials at the leading edge of the Great Flow of Evolution.

To say we are excited would be like a British understatement. We are ecstatic. Just as the recently disembodied might be expected to feel. Woohoooo!! Baby! We are looping-dee-loop, cockahoop!! We have served our time in the physical realms, we have graduated (with honours) into Angel School. And the new term is ON.

Our little fledgling consciousness collective assembling as ‘Apprentice Angel Maya’, is out of a soul group with three main themes among our spectrum of lifetimes. Mostly we existed here, on Earth, and often together, in family groups. One theme was spiritual service, usually with a very practical daily application of care for others. We have, between us all, studied compassionate service and self-sacrifice and it amuses us now to see so clearly how unnecessary the latter is. We have explored all the delicious nuances of selflessness, which can become a positive or a negative experience, though more often a complex mix. We know intimately, through many tangled experiences, how warped compassionate service can become when martyrdom is twisted through it. As we are all strands in the one bright light that is Sophia, sacrificing this one to serve that one makes no net gain for her divine light, although nothing is lost either, as all information is scintillating to Sophia. A warp in the Weave to one perspective is simply a shift in the pattern to another.

A second theme we have explored many times between us is the creation of art through suffering. Ah, such sweet agonies and yet more self-sacrifice for the art. Does creativity need suffering to inform it? Not from this side of the veil, where everything is seen all at once. In the adventures of time and space, humanity has been exploring suffering of all kinds in great detail. Perhaps you’ll be pleased to know, that particular area of the great experiment is nearing its close and all strands in the Great Weave will return to a richer harmony, presently.
And the third main theme we explored? Cruelty. Oh yes. We have known all sides of that.

We eagerly anticipate this next new phase of our existence, to rejoice free from suffering, free from compulsions to self-protect or attack, and to serve compassionately, wholeheartedly, without self-sacrifice. With the little egos of physical reality dropped, and merged together as we are, consciousness strands from a whole group of souls, there really isn’t any sense of self to sacrifice anyway.  Kind of ironic, that 😉

It feels a little like squishing smoke back into the genie’s lamp, trying to push mind-dissolving concepts back into words through this human instrument, this writer.  But this is our assignment.  Happily, we shall work with what we have while you, dear one, shall receive some sense of the Future, through these stories.  

Then you shall create your Future, through your own stories.

We begin by shining a light on a little settlement in Norfolk, England, some time in what you might call your near future, when your society’s systems are falling apart, your people are falling deeper into confusion and the unconscious are lashing out in fear. This little collection of oddballs and outcasts, gathered in a place they call Heartspan, is determined to try it in a different way. And they’ve been doing quite well, bless them. Until recently …

But you know that thing, when the still, peaceful pond receives that unanticipated pebble from the sky? And the ripples go on and on … ?

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