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For the benefit of you, who are reading this, and for the human instrument through which we are sending these stories, our writer, we want you to know a little something about ‘suffering’.

Take heart, take heart. We don’t let you suffer for long.

All suffering is transitory. In the perspective of universal time, it is just a moment and you are through. Even these thousands of years of Earth-Gaia time appear as merely a passing phase, when viewed from the other side.

You know it, we say to the human instrument, this writer, no matter how many times these migraines flatten you, three days of dreadful pain and nausea, once you are well again, they compress.  The memory is just a thought that can be gone in an instant. And the writer smiles and nods. It’s true, she thinks. My life has been sliced into many fragments by the migraines ~ terrible, wonderful, terrible, wonderful, terrible, wonderful …

What will life be like on the next level, if all suffering is removed? What challenges will we have? What grand purpose can each of us find? How will we evolve further?

Might it be the grand art, the amazing productions, the simulations of the epic tales of transcending the suffering?

Sometimes, we may lose ourselves in the performance, we may forget that it is just a performance. We will be steeped in the emotions of the song, the dance, the parts we play.

And so it is with this physical drama.  We forget.  This is all a great play, a great dance, that we agree to be a part of, knowing that it is transient, knowing that we will not be left to suffer “for very long”.

The paradox of suffering is that while you are in it, it seems endless, and once you are out of it, it can be diminished to a fleeting thought, and dissolved completely in the light of reframing, in the light of shifting perspectives.

Sophia did not create a flawed universe with suffering as a ‘mistake’. Suffering is part of what we all opt into, as strands of consciousness having a physical experience which we call ‘existence’. Sophia created a grand dance, a great, ever-unfolding, infinitely improvised performance and gave us all dazzling parts to play. And like little children with stage fright, many of us cower in the sidelights, forgetting the exhilaration of the performance, afraid that we are getting it ‘wrong’.

We don’t ‘go’ somewhere and spend time suffering.  The light shifts and we are red, now green, now yellow, now we are orange, blue, purple, red … violet … aquamarine …

The light changes and I am now tormented, now delighted, now angry, now basking in love, now flying with joy, now exhilarated, now bored … and I have not moved, it is only the flickering light which changes the information flowing through me. Suffer, don’t suffer. Suffer, don’t suffer. Suffering on, suffering off …

‘Suffer’ is something we do, ‘joyful’ is something we be, easily, when we switch out of the suffering.

Learning how ‘not to suffer’ can take a lifetime, or many lifetimes. This is the great transformational drama we play.

There’s an even more amazing part to be played if we can drop our addiction to suffering. That is to show the rest of humanity how to do the same.

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