Return to Magic

We all have free will within the Sophia Creation, but the humans in the physical are among the most confused and constrained by distractions and amnesia, of all Sophia light beings.

So here we are, assembled angels, dragons, unicorns, nature spirits, ascended masters and apprentices, gathered en masse around each human, awaiting the Word.

With great compassion (and understanding, because many of us have of course ‘been there-done that!’) we watch and we wait. We’re ever-ready to jump into action the moment any of you asks.
Sigh. Yes, indeed. You must ask!
In the right way, of course.
You know, each time you opt back in to another physical round, what the Laws of the Game are. You can’t plead in desperation and get anything but more desperation material.  Sorry.  That’s just the way that it is.  And we all laugh, like indulgent parents watching a toddler go about things in the most awkward way possible.  “Aha-ha-ha. How charming. But they will learn …”

Look, things are speeding up now. We’re crowding in here to help you guys, but you have to ask!
Ask, believing it’s our delight to give.
Ask, believing it’s your divine right to receive. It’s no biggy, OK? This is what we’re all here to do.
Ask, knowing that the moment you do so, it is given.
Ask, offering devotional gratitude, knowing that you will receive a tenfold flow of love and devotion immediately. Not because you’ve earned it, but because you’ve opened to receiving it.

Oh, how we all delight, and grin at each other, and pat each other on the back, and flutter our great wings in rapture, whenever you Ask. And then we get down to business 🙂

Collected Musings

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