Return to Magic

I’m thinking it’s time to Return to Magic – what do you think?


Wait. Do you hear it?

The sirens are calling:
“Return to Magic.”
Their flutes and chimes
Vibrate my bones,
Tugging me home.

Do you see it?

The way is pointed:
“Return to Magic.”
Signs sparkle everywhere;
Rainbow markers
Confirm which road.

Can you smell it?

The air is thick with it:
“Return to Magic.”
Roses bloom, even
In traffic fumes.
Truth thrusts on through.

Can you taste it?

Sweet success for Joy and Love:
“Return to Magic.”
A new flavour
Rises from my tongue;
A new age has begun.

Now tell me you feel it!

From deep within your heart it comes:
“Return to Magic.”

That Joy!
That Joy within all of us,
Bubbling up,
Like a trillion

Return to Magic

J H Brightwood – 27 November 2012


return to magic with nature

Unstoppable Springs

I don’t know about you, but it seems very apparent to me that our world is changing – in a good way.  The evidence for that is not in the TV news or in the newspapers or on mainstream radio.  To find it, you have to dig a little deeper, you have to detach from the usual channels.  Funnily enough, Facebook is a great tool for connecting with all the good and truly great stuff that is going on, from personal development to peace work to the rise of shamanism and wicca.

There are many forms of magic.  The form that concerns me exists within the human heart and connects us with the natural world.  It’s awakened in nature, and in acts of kindness and compassion.  It’s awakened in our personal epiphanies about who we really are.

One place to find an abundance of magic going on right now is at The Shift Network. These are truly visionary change-makers sharing myriad routes to the magic at the core of all of us.

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