Return to Magic

Our great golden dragon, Lavellah, swoops down over gentle, rolling hills striped by the slanting rays of a peachy sunrise. Tall, slim pyramids punctuate the landscape, surrounded by orchards of saplings, hemp fields and clusters of turf-roofed, domed dwellings. Hens and ducks roam freely through vegetable gardens. Here someone is throwing feed for the birds, here someone is milking a goat, there another is wheeling a barrow piled with logs.

A young woman looks up from among some herbs, smiles, and waves. Cherry! My goodness, how gorgeous she has become! We observe our ward, Fiona’s surprise that Cherry sees us and we laugh. It’s Cherry! Of course she sees us! And we wave back, grinning wildly, as Lavellah’s great wings lift us all up and away and into the clouds.

Later, Fiona lies in bed, pondering. Her thoughts run something like this: “I guess this means Cherry will be among those to make it through, then. Of course. Of course. That’s why she’s here! To be a light, a guide, to be the hope and the reassurance that the Transitioners will need to carry them through … oh … the terrible times ahead.”

We observe that Fiona feels heartened, but also deeply concerned about what Cherry must go through to reach that happy point in the future.

We remember our many illnesses, crises and dark times, striped shadows in between the rays of the free and joyful times, through so many lifetimes. What mean those dark times now? All just information, dark and light stripes, illuminating the Weave.

Collected Musings

Fiction, early morning ramblings, dreams, inner journeys, beginnings of novels, poems, and anything else that nudges itself into the frame - all here in a vast cauldron of experimentation :-)